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The specialtist in hope and I am registered to vote
news from the front 
15th-May-2008 07:32 pm
First things first,

Raised Against the Machine by ~StephenVincent on deviantART

A piece I have been working on for months now.The machine was done in Illustrator, and the rest was painted in Photoshop. I'm pleased overall with how this turned out, as it was the most time I've ever spent on any one piece. I was very elated at that, especially since it was a shitty print from office max. I even entered it into the student art show at GCC, and it got in! Of course I have no idea how strict their criteria was, but hey, it was cool.

School is finally out for the semester, so the usual stressing I do has turned into a comfortable ease that spring often times brings. I still have my online class to finish up, but that should be fairly straightforward. Did I mention I hate the actionscript side of Flash? Yeah, it's the very thing I hated about the computer animation programs when I was at AI, it's much more technical than artist friendly. Now, I should have known that when the word "script" is in the title of the course I should have had an idea as to what to expect, so I have no one to blame. The whole process of scripting actions in animations feel stuffy and constricting. Hopefully the skills will become useful to me, but for now it seems like a waste of money and time.

I dropped my phone the other day, it hit the ground just hard enough to crack the casing open. I managed to squeeze it back together, and from the outside it doesn't look any worse for wear, but now the battery life is shitty, and the ring tones are all wack-a-doo. It randomly accesses the internet, plays my mp3s, all while the keylock should be on. It really pisses me off too, I really like my phone, it's the best one I've pretty much ever had. I had never mistreated my phones before, ever, and this one gets messed up. pssh, whatever.

Oh! I also have a bunch more art from the drawing class I'll probably be posting on in the next day or so, once I get photos taken.

I promise I'll be getting back to drawing up some more captain Picard comics too, whether they turn out to be funny or not is to be determined.

I also missed Dr. Sketchy's this week, which sucked 'cause I didn't even realize it was this week until the day of. I'm not gonna miss the next one, guaranteed.
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