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21st-Sep-2009 02:13 pm - um...hello...is this thing on?
Blowing the dust off of this old thing and gonna make a post. actually more of a sketch of a post than an actually on really, kind of a stream of consciousness rambly thing goin on here.

Have you been over to facebook lately? yeesh, I never liked the site, and now I have a bunch of hillbilly relatives comin' out of the woodwork wanting to be "friends" even though most I barely knew at all, and haven't seen in over a decade. So if i ever pop on there its for like a minute at most and then give up on the whole thing. Twitter isn't much better but at least it's in little snippets and fewer people have caught on to it.

Went to comic con this year as i have the past few, had a lot of fun this year despite some shitty lodging and forgetting my entry badge one day. A lot of the fun had to do with events off site though, and having to do with disney. after waiting in line the first day in an obscenely long line for the big Hall H presentations, mostly due to Twi-hards camping overnight to see r-pats shimmer and wolfboys.

the only presentation i wanted to see was before all that nonsense the Disney 3d presentation of some of the new movies, particularly Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and the new Tron. Me and Jess arrived early enough, and one of her friends had saved us a spot mercifully close to the front as we watched the roped off line fill up then spill over to across the street then down the sidewalk along the harbor, just insane. So we got in, watched a little creepy presentation of Robert Zemekis' new A Christmas Carol cg film, it looked ok. Then Tim Burton came out and premiered the teaser trailer for the Alice film, which had a song by MGMT in it (but more on that later), then before he left the stage he said if he flapped his arms real hard he could make his imaginary friend show up, and lo and behold John Depp emerged to wave at the audience and the press photographers just before retreating offstage.

Patten Oswalt then announced that everyone should follow "importantdate" on twitter for something cool. then the tron presentation where they brought out the cast, including the really gorgeous, newish, chick from House, and none other than the Dude himself. they showed us some awesome concept artwork, a teaser trailer involving Flynn's arcade and a 3d version of the teaser they showed last year at the con. they also gave out sweet little Flynn's arcade tokens as we walked through the doors, and after the presentation told us that something was going down at 9pm at 1st and J streets across from the convention center.

As we showed up for the Tron thing a small crowd was amassing, and as me and Jess were waiting for the Tron event to start, I saw Jackson Publick walk by, I waved and he came over and asked what was going on, I said it was a Tron thing, and he was mildly confused by it. I asked him when the next season would start, and he said Nov. and he went on his way, everyone else seemed oblivious to who he was, which i'm sure was fine by him. Anyway, the Tron thing starts and turns out its a scavenger hunt, we're given a map, a blacklight, and told to find "Flynn Lives" posters strewn about in the downtown area, and look for codes with the black lights. we group up with a feww people and after a while of scurrying about we get our codes fill out the mpas and we're on our way to what turns out to be a real Flynn's arcade, just like in the first Tron film. While in line to get into Flynn's we see the chick from House and the new Tron film get the V.I.P treatment and is let right in. Also amongst the fanboys is a few comedians who are on like best week ever, and one dude from Mr. Show Scott Aukerman whom I got to talk to once we got inside the arcade. Inside it was made up to be a very 1980s arcade complete with retro machines and a Space Paranoids game which until then had only existed in the film. after about 10 minutes a secret door opened exactly like the teaser trailer shown at the panel, and we all shuffled in there, treated to concept drawings and a sample of the awesome new score by daft punk, we turn a blind corner and are confronted by a real life light cycle ( and a chorus of "holy shit"s) after everyone gets their photos snapped off, we're then ushered out, given a t-shirt and a Flynn Lives poster. It was sweet.
pictures here

The next day was when the "importantdate" Alice event was to occur, the address was announced via twitter and we showed up and got little keys with a time stamped on them, when we returned we were treated to a props exhibit of costumes artwork and props from the film. While not quite as awesome as the tron event, it was pretty damn sweet seeing all that stuff in person. pictures here

We also got to see a panel actually at the con of one of our favorite shows the Mighty Boosh. While nothing really groundbreaking took place during the discussions it was really funny to watch all those guys really play off each other. Afterward they were mobbed pretty hard by fans wanting photos and autographs, one guy even got one of the actors who plays Naboo the shaman to do his patented "turing his back on you" bit.

Later on that day I actually ran into Rich Fulcher who plays a crapton of characters on the show and got to talk to him a bit about the show, and he says they are hoping to tour north america sometime soon, which I would most definitely see.

Jess and myself recently got memberships to the Disney fan community (club) called D23. They had their own convention coming up after comic con and we thought if their showing at comic con was top notch, surely they were saving the best for their own D23 Expo, right? ...No, not at all actually. Unless you made it to one specific panel ( the one where Johnny Depp showed up, in costume as Jack Sparrow and a whole bucnh of awesome took place and we werent there because the panel was labelled in a vague manner), the rest of the expo was quite boring. So yeah, that was disappointing.

Now that True Blood's season is over, I'm watching some of the other shows the channel has to offer. Bored to Death premiered last night, and I swear someone must be following me, because Zach Galafinakis' character is basically me. Scoot to the 5 minute and about 8:12 mark in this video to see what I mean:

eerie, no?

I've recently started seeking out some newish music like the aforementioned MGMT, whom I initially resisted at first as some kinda kitchy 70s revival band, but the song from the Alice in Wonderland teaser piqued my curiosity. Found out the song used was Time to Pretend,  and ended up liking the rest of the album.  Bird and the Bee stay pretty high in the rotation as well.  Got the new album by "Julian Plenti", Interpol singer Paul Banks' new solo album, I'm still forming judgements on the songs, but I'm willing to devote some time to it, so thats saying something (Jess seems to not like it at all).  Jess and I were watching videos late one night and amongst all the lady gaga and nickleback-like drek a video popped up that we both immediately latched on to Arctic Monkeys' "Crying Lightning"
so I bought that cd. then later on, i think the same night, we saw a video by an artist I'm currently *loving*: Bat for Lashes, so of course, I'm listeing to her *Heavily*

and that's it, kinda what i've been in to and up to.  Of course I'm sure there's a multitude of things i'm leaving out, but this thing huge already. but cut some slack eh, I rarely post anything on the etherweb anymore and this thing took way too long to write with interruptions and all.

Oh! I finally gave in and got an iPhone, and damn, is that thing not the most indespensible device I now own. all the pics I've posted are from my iphone, it was soo damn handy in an environment like comic con, what with the crowds and trying to be very spartan about keeping the amount of items carried along low.

6th-Jun-2009 02:23 pm(no subject)
12th-Apr-2009 05:55 pm(no subject)
Happy (merry?) Easter everyone

Dr. Sketchy's Amy Austin by ~StephenVincent on deviantART


Oh, and I guess I'm autistic:

Your Aspie score: 135 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 87 of 200
You are very likely an Aspie

16th-May-2008 05:07 pm - I am so there.

Got my tickets this morning and I'm good to go. I am SO excited to finally see him live!
15th-May-2008 07:32 pm - news from the front
First things first,

Raised Against the Machine by ~StephenVincent on deviantART

A piece I have been working on for months now.The machine was done in Illustrator, and the rest was painted in Photoshop. I'm pleased overall with how this turned out, as it was the most time I've ever spent on any one piece. I was very elated at that, especially since it was a shitty print from office max. I even entered it into the student art show at GCC, and it got in! Of course I have no idea how strict their criteria was, but hey, it was cool.

School is finally out for the semester, so the usual stressing I do has turned into a comfortable ease that spring often times brings. I still have my online class to finish up, but that should be fairly straightforward. Did I mention I hate the actionscript side of Flash? Yeah, it's the very thing I hated about the computer animation programs when I was at AI, it's much more technical than artist friendly. Now, I should have known that when the word "script" is in the title of the course I should have had an idea as to what to expect, so I have no one to blame. The whole process of scripting actions in animations feel stuffy and constricting. Hopefully the skills will become useful to me, but for now it seems like a waste of money and time.

I dropped my phone the other day, it hit the ground just hard enough to crack the casing open. I managed to squeeze it back together, and from the outside it doesn't look any worse for wear, but now the battery life is shitty, and the ring tones are all wack-a-doo. It randomly accesses the internet, plays my mp3s, all while the keylock should be on. It really pisses me off too, I really like my phone, it's the best one I've pretty much ever had. I had never mistreated my phones before, ever, and this one gets messed up. pssh, whatever.

Oh! I also have a bunch more art from the drawing class I'll probably be posting on in the next day or so, once I get photos taken.

I promise I'll be getting back to drawing up some more captain Picard comics too, whether they turn out to be funny or not is to be determined.

I also missed Dr. Sketchy's this week, which sucked 'cause I didn't even realize it was this week until the day of. I'm not gonna miss the next one, guaranteed.
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